Eliutherius Juma Wanyonyi


Phone: +254706911460/+254731636071

P.O Box 409, Ruiru.

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Performance-driven professional with a keen eye to detail seeking an opportunity to use and further develop my analytical skills, development techniques, problem-solving methods and knowledge in the practical faced environment. My career goal is to assume a role that allows me to take responsibility for designing and developing computer programs that solve common problems and bring value to people through Information Technology.


  • To be an integral team player by devoting my knowledge, skills, and abilities to attain the goals, objectives, and aims of the organization.
  • To deliver what is expected of me at all times.
  • To work in a challenging environment that demand continuous improvement, total dedication, creativity, originality, hard work and decision making.


  • Bachelor’s Diploma in Full Stack Development: OpenClassrooms (2020 – present) Coursework; 9 real-life projects
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Gretsa University (2016-2019) relevant coursework; System Development and Analysis, Software engineering, Software project management, Internet Application Programming, Database development, Software Quality Assurance, Professional Ethics in computing.
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education: Mururia Boys High School (2009-2012)
    Cumulative Score: B+


  • Databases; MongoDb, PostgresSQL, MariaDB, Mysql
  • ROM; Mongoose, sequelize
  • JavaScript Libraries; Reactjs, Nodejs, Express, and Nextjs.
  • Web Programming skills; I have proficiency in developing websites using; PHP, CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.
  • CMS skills; I am well conversant working and developing with WordPress, and Magento.
  • PHP frameworks; Laravel.
  • Keen analytical skills; As a computer scientist, I excel in identifying patterns and trends in complex sets of data to determine factors that have an effect on certain types of events and provide insights into problems.
  • Problem-solving skills; I have the ability to identify risks and develop ways for businesses to manage those risks by providing solutions to the problems through IT.
  • Sales and marketing skills; I have the ability to negotiate, persuade and conceive clients to successfully make a sale or close a deal while ensuring customer satisfaction and following company ethics.
  • Solid communication skills (written and oral); Excellent in communicating and explaining complex technical matters to those without a background in computer science. I also have the ability to communicate clearly through reports and memos to describe work and recommendations.
  • Interpersonal skills; I have the ability to serve as a leader and member of teams, so as to listen to other people’s opinions and suggestions before reaching a conclusion. I am passionate to learn and update my knowledge and skills while I work to enhance my productivity and contribute extra efforts for the achievement of organizational goals.
  • Customer relations; I have the ability to relate with clients and ensure that their inquiries are properly answered and that their satisfaction is maintained and achieved all times.


Adalabs Africa (January 2020 – present)

Position – Fullstack Software Engineer


  • Overseeing projects as a tech lead
  • Designing MySQL relational databases
  • Designing and implementing RESTful APIs
  • Creating project mockups and wireframes
  • Generating project reports
  • Preparing and presenting systems documentation.

Edgetech ltd Consults(August 2019 –  January 2020)

Position – Intern


  • Designing SQL Databases and normalizing them
  • Developing SSR frontends with nextjs
  • Developing API (backend) Using Node Js
  • Maintaining projects on the server using git and CLI commands

Andela (June 2019 – November 2019)

Position – Apprenticeship


  •             Developing Node APIs
  •             DevOps for project management
  •             Building frontend apps with React js


  • Research Project: Academic Certificate Authenticity Verification using Blockchain Technology in Universities. Gretsa University (2018-2019)

Research objectives were:

  1. To find out the existing systems for document verification using blockchain.
  2. To investigate the various applications of blockchain technology
  3. To find out the suitability of a sub-system that can counter the weaknesses of the existing systems for document authenticity verification.
  • System Project: Student Study Assistant Application. Gretsa University (2019)

System objectives were:

  1. To provide an education-based support web platform for students
  2. To help industries while assessing candidates by checking their profile on the website
  3. To assist students, find mentors in their respective future careers


  • Organizations; Member of the Kenya WordPress Community.
  • Tutoring; tutoring high school students in IT skills voluntarily.
  • Volunteering to charity work; United Nations online volunteer, steered various volunteering activities in my home town.
  • Travelling