10 Genuine reasons for Starting a Website

Reasons for starting a website differ from one individual to another. While one might start a website for sheer fun, another person might decide to start a website with the purpose of making money or increasing sales of a product that they sell.

In this article, we will be looking at ten genuine reasons for starting a website. Among the reasons that we will be looking at, you will find some that relate to you and perhaps you will get the motivational push that you need in order to start a website. Just a quick reminder, if you are new to this blog you can check out the blog post, I wrote earlier on Easy steps to start a successful blog.

Starting a website to sell products

You can decide to start a website today to sell physical products online. Different models can be employed to achieve this goal. For instance, you can decide to use a drop shipping model where customers buy through your website but you do not handle the inventory of the specific goods. Shipping and inventory are taken care of by the manufacturer themselves.

The other option is where you sell goods that you possess already. In this model, you have to take care of the inventory and shipping all by yourself.

Starting a website to post your story

At times, one might decide to share their story with the world. There is no better way of doing this than using a website. Through a website, you will be able to reach millions of people through blog posts.

If you travel a lot and visit new places a lot, you might want to start a website to share your adventures with other people. An advantage to this is that you can earn some passive income while doing so.

Starting a website with hopes of making money from it

Making money is one of the major goals that most website startups usually have in mind. One thing that you should understand is that a new website will not start generating money immediately. If you are patient enough, your website will start generating revenue bit by bit so long as you maintain consistency and increase your traffic as time goes by.

Depending on the niche, different websites generate different amounts of revenue depending on several factors which include the quality of the content, the niche, the traffic source, and other factors. Check out several ways on how to make money off your website on my previous blog post.

Start a website to create awareness about something

In our societies, people have different levels of understanding in different fields. At times misconceptions carry the day, forcing people to believe in falsely ideas. By starting a website that creates awareness e.g. On the effects of climate change, you can help billions if not millions of people understand what climate change is all about.  Creating awareness on pressing issues in society is a noble course and who knows? You might be the next Nobel prize winner for doing just that.

Starting a website to share your knowledge on a particular topic

Being knowledgeable in a particular topic is respectable. Sharing knowledge with others is even more respectable. If you have tones of knowledge about a particular topic, it would be good if you start a website and share the knowledge with others. By so doing, you can earn some money along the way by creating premium membership to the content that you share with your blog visitors.

Just like in this blog of mine, I share lots of knowledge and earn some passive income in the process.

Starting a website to advertise your products or services

You might be having a business where you sell products or services and you would wish to expand your market reach. The easiest and cheapest way to go about it is by starting a website. A decent number of the population spend more time online. This makes it feasible for small companies to advertise their product and services easily and affordable to large masses of people.

A website goes a long way in creating brand awareness which in turn leads to increased sales and more profits.

Start a website for prestige

Starting a website is not always about making money, advertising or selling products and services. At times, people or companies start their own websites just to stand out in the crowd and brag about it. A company might build their website initially for prestigious purposes, only to realize later that the website has built more trust among their clients/customers.

Websites that are built for prestige should be kept simple since making it complex will only bring in additional costs which are not necessary.

Starting a website to tackle competition

If you can’t beat them, join them. This is an old saying but still relevant and applicable to date. If you run a business and find out that your competitors are doing something that keeps them an edge ahead of you, then that means that you also need to up your game. For instance, if your competitors start selling their products online, and you realize that it is hurting your sales, then all you need to do is to set up your online store for you to make the playing field even.

Starting a website to provide news updates

Additionally, you can start a website to share news updates with your audience. If you have a passion for journalism, a news website will suit you well. However, in order for your news website to perform even better, it is advisable that you narrow down to a specific niche rather than reporting on anything and everything which in turn might result in nothing.

A good example of a news website is: Foxnews

Starting a website to provide a 24hr operating business

Finally, someone might start a website to supplement his/her daily business. A website is a nice way of creating your own local 24hr economy, where people can place orders for goods and services or book appointments even when you have closed your shop or office for the night.


Among the above reasons to start a website, one or two of them might resonate with your personal goals. Make an effort to start your own website today at minimum cost. Contact me via my contacts on the Contact Page to know how.

And by the way leave a comment on any other reasons for starting a website that perhaps I left out on my list and remember to share this blog post with your friends too.



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