Who does not want to be successful? Either in business or personal life, everyone wants to be successful. Most of us, in fact, all of us will do everything possible within our powers to be successful. Success, however, comes in different shapes and forms. Everyone has their own definition of success.

But wait, how will you know you are successful? Is success within the reach of everyone? Everyone, including you and me, has a shot at success. Successful people have a common character: they read motivational books, listen to motivational videos, attend counseling and guidance sessions, spend free time with their loved ones among other things that we are going to discuss in this article.

As this will be a long read, I highly suggest you grab a cup of coffee or juice, find a comfortable spot, and read your way to success. 🙂


Have you ever wondered what is holding you back? Have you ever wanted to kick a habit that keeps multiplying? The answer to that is self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to control your emotions, impulses, reactions, and behaviors. It is saying “no” while you want to say “yes”. It is the key attribute towards achieving success and it allows you to stay focused on accomplishing your goals. Embrace being self-disciplined today to avoid temptations and all possible distractions as you push yourself to new heights. 

Seek Support

Self-discipline alone can only take you so far. There is an ancient Jewish proverb that goes, “If I am only for myself, who am I?” No one in this world is only for themselves. Our existence is dependent on community bonds and ties and we become who we are from our experiences with others. For example, you cannot just rise today and become the president of a country. You need all possible support from your family, friends, and the people. For you to be successful, ensure you have a support system. Surround yourself with people whom you can trust and you’re certain they will be supportive of your objectives and ready to help you succeed. 

Create a Realistic Plan

Ever wanted to create a new way of doing things and wondered where to start? By planning ahead of time, you will be able to make decisions that will drive you towards achieving success. For example, you can start by making a list of what goes on for two weeks and what drives you up a wall. Try to identify the factors that prevent you from accomplishing what you want. It can be that your fears are holding you back. Once convinced that the goal is worth fighting for, begin the preparation stage: Take note of what you need. If it is learning, start with the basics. Do not skip any steps out of the desire of reaching your goals quickly!

It may take hours, days, weeks, months, or years to prepare, depending on what your goals are. It can be short-term goals or long-term goals. The main thing is to start the journey, feeling confident in your success, and having all the skills that would allow you to make it.

Seek Knowledge to achieve success

Seeking knowledge is another factor that will help you achieve success. When you observe successful people, you’ll notice that they love to pursue knowledge and they always have the thirst to learn more. If you want to enjoy greater success, you have to develop a culture of learning. You should make learning become a lifelong investment that you will always appreciate. As experienced as you might be in your career, acquiring new skills can see you through greater success. When you study a course, it is a chance to learn something new and add value to your career. Take the initiative to practice learning today by attending training, mentorship programs, enrolling for a course et cetera. This will help greatly to keep up with the trends evolving in business and your areas of specialty.

Believe in Yourself for success

You become what you think about 70% of your time. If you constantly think about a goal right when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, it will start to affect your daily decisions more and more. Step by step, you will end up on a clear path towards accomplishing that goal. Your mindset will forever dictate your happiness and success, so you must always maintain a positive one. Have your confidence high and always believe that you can achieve whatever it is that you set yourself out to do.

Step out of your Comfort Zone

Stop being nice to yourself! And start putting yourself into that difficult situation you’re uncomfortable with. You worry too much and eventually you drive yourself into stagnation and sometimes into depression. You’re so comfortable because your parent(s), spouse, a guardian is providing all your basic needs. Get out there! There is no perfect timing! Challenge yourself today, do something that you have always wanted to do even if you’re afraid. Don’t let your fears hold you back! Just do it!

Make the journey fun

If you’re not happy, you’re not successful. Enjoy the journey! Instead of forcing yourself to do things because “you just have to do them”, you simply do them because they’re enjoyable. When you enjoy the journey, it’s fun to attend that programming class because you want to learn new syntax and functions. You want to go to the gym because you want to have a great body. Learn to enjoy the process and fatigue will be erased from your store of vocabularies.

Protect yourself from burnout

There’s a reason world religions have a sacred day of rest- It is required to maintain health and emotional well-being. When you schedule relaxation and fun into your weekly calendar, your body and mind rest. Make it a habit to take a day off in the week and use it to rest, meditate, and take care of yourself. When you take your time to do nothing, you will come back to work with new insights, boosted creativity, and renewed energy.

I will leave you with this: “The world is a place capable of delivering anything you truly desire- If you choose to see it that way”- Jonathan @wantingmoreltd on Twitter.

Celline Nanjala


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