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Staying productive all day every day requires effort. It is like a garden that demands attention, for it to blossom. Allow me to take you through some of the routines and habits that help me remain productive for long. Feel free to add some of the habits that help you maintain your ‘A’ game in the comments section below.

To give you a sneak peek of what to expect in this article, here are my suggestions to help you stay productive:

  • Have a goal and create a plan
  • Follow the plan
  • Be consistent and win small everyday
  • Wake up early
  • Reward yourself
  • Stay positive always
  • Keep fit
staying productive

Have a goal and create a plan

To ensure productivity each day, I usually create a plan that will guide me along. Creating a plan sounds easy but most people usually get it wrong. A plan is a series of activities that will help you achieve your desired goal. Having a goal with you will help you focus on where you are going. So how do you set a goal? A nice goal should feature several factors:

  • Time factor
  • The reward
  • The process of achieving the reward

An example of a wrong goal setting is, “I want to be rich”. If you have ever set your goals like this, then chances are, you will never achieve them. Why? It does not clearly stipulate the time and set of activities that you will take you towards the goal of becoming rich. However, if you have something like,

“By my 30th birthday, I will have $100,000, which I will accumulate in bits. For this money, I will create a YouTube channel and share quality content about cats with my viewers.”

Having a goal like the one above removes ambiguity from your goal. This way, your chances of smashing your goal have been increased significantly. It clearly states what you want to achieve, when and how. The time factor is considered by stating “By my 30th birthday.” Then the reward is the $100,000 and finally, the process or activity that will lead to the reward is sharing quality content on the YouTube channel.

Following the plan

Setting a goal is simple. Sticking to the plan is not easy. I usually try to ensure that I stick to my plans every day. For this to happen, I set achievable goals that will give me small wins every day. The small wins are what will keep you motivated as you work towards your goal. This brings me to the third habit which is being consistent.

Being consistent and Winning small everyday

Being consistent has everything to do with the preliminary habits of goal setting and sticking to the plan because after all, you can’t be consistent if you don’t have a goal. To be consistent, it is important that you commit yourself to your goal. Every day make sure that you do something that takes you closer to your goals. Sometimes you might have emergencies and fail to achieve your daily goal. That is okay and it happens to everyone. In my case, on such occasions, I try to create time to compensate for the lost day. In creating time, I tend to wake up early.

Waking up early

Another habit that keeps me productive is waking up early. I came to find out that waking up early helps me get a lot of stuff done. At first, it might be hard but after a week you get used to waking up early. Waking up early is hard for most people because they don’t have a routine that gives them a reason to wake up early. For me, my mornings are usually a time for me to learn something new and compensate for days that I have lost. This way, I am always looking forward to the next morning so that I can pick up from where I left.

Reward yourself

Another habit in my recipe for staying productive is rewarding myself. Rewards come in many forms and they are dependent on an individual’s taste and preference. It might be going for a walk in the park, buying yourself a new gadget but whichever the case, always incorporate a reward mechanism after winning small.

Always be positive

Additionally, I stay positive at all costs and learn from every experience whether good or bad. Good experiences form part of my reward while bad experiences are my lessons.

Keep Fit Staying Productive

Lastly, keep yourself healthy. Create time to do exercises. Apart from maintaining your health, keeping fit will help your body stay in shape. Personally, I do exercises on a daily basis every morning before I officially start my day. This routine makes me energetic all day and boosts my confidence. It is very important to conquer your morning goals. Conquering my morning goal is an indicator that I will definitely have a successful day.  

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you did let me know in the comment section below and also let other readers know how you set and smash your personal goals.

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  1. Eliday Juma, nice article.
    Personally I would say, having enough sleep is also part of staying productive. Remember, you should not kill the goose that lays the golden egg….

    • Thank you Nanjala. And I concur with you. Sleep is very important in keeping you healthy and so it should also be featured as a recipe for staying productive.

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