Who is Eliday Juma?

Eliday Juma is a Computer Science graduate from Gretsa University. Additionally, he is also a degree holder in Business Management with specialty in Marketing from Mt. Kenya University. With these two majors combined, Eliday is definitely a pro in Web Development and Digital Marketing.

In this website, Eliday shares tones of information acquired in his experience as a web developer and as a web content manager. More so, Eliday shares tips, tricks, and knowledge on how to customize and do lots of other stuffs that lead to decent online presence for ones own web site.

In addition, he shares offers and coupons that can help you get massive discounts on web hosting services and other web applications and plugins in general.

Let Eliday Juma help you?

Do you wish to start a website?

Or maybe want to create an online presence for your offline business?

Does your site has SEO issues?

Wish to brand or rebrand your website?

If any of these questions defines your need, then you should really seek help from a proffesional. Eliday Juma is here to offer you help.

Among the services offered by Eliday Juma include:

Web Developement

Web Hosting advice

Web content creation and Management

Digital Marketing

SEO services

Web branding among others.

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Be sure to keep in touch. It should not always be about business. Suggestions and critics are all welcome in equal measure.

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