Different Types of Web Hosting

Understanding the different types of Web Hosting

webhosting types

If you are reading this article, I believe you already know what Web Hosting is. If you are still green on the topic, I suggest you first read the article on What is Web Hosting Here. With the knowledge on what web hosting is, we can now embark on breaking down the different types of web hosting. Basically, there are three types of hosting.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Dedicated hosting
  3. VPS hosting

Just a quick note before we discuss on each of the three individual types of hosting, you should know that the size of a website and its traffic will always determine the type of hosting that it requires. When categorized according to their sizes, a website might fall under; small, medium or large websites.

Shared Hosting

Whenever you surf the internet, you will come across many websites that use this hosting plan. This plan involves one server and many websites being served by it. It is a plan that is common to small businesses and personal blogs that receive not more than 35,000 visitors per month. When starting your website, you might consider taking a look at this plan since it is the cheapest and best for starters.

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Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting involves one website and one server. In a different school of thought this would be termed as a one-one relationship. Just as the name suggests, the server is intended to dedicate all its resources to one website for better performance. With dedicated hosting, website experience high upload speed and they can receive up to 100,000+ visitors/month. Due to the improved performance, dedicated hosting is more expensive than the shared hosting discussed above.

VPS Hosting (cloud)

VPS stand for Virtual Private Server. It is more complex than shared and dedicated hosting. VPS Hosting involves one website that is hosted by a number of servers but appears as one server to the user. A website hosted in this plan can use a cloud (server) for storage and release it when it is done. It consumes a lot of resources and is very expensive. With cloud hosting, one is entitled to unlimited storage space and unlimited number of visitors/month. This type of hosting is the most expensive. In fact, web hosting companies prefer to bill this type of hosting hourly instead of monthly like the other hosting types.

By now we have the knowledge what is web hosting and the three types of hosting that are available. We have also discussed why it is important to utilize the services offered by web hosts. This means that you will have to do some homework on which type of hosting best suits your website. However, this should not be a problem for you once you go through our article on “What type of hosting best suits your website/brand.

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