How to promote affiliate content on your Blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Most of the online entrepreneurs are in this game and making tons of money, doing affiliate marketing. This article is especially for bloggers. 

So if you’re a blogger and have a blog or willing to start a blog, then probably you want to promote affiliate links on your blog for making money with it. 

If you want to know how to promote affiliate links on your blog, then stick with this article till the end.

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Your Blog?

There are several ways to promote affiliate links on your blog. You may probably know a few of them or all of them.

1. Product VS Product Post

Product comparison posts are working very well. When people have many choices, then they always confuse which product is right for them. So you can clear the picture for them with your insightful comparison posts.

2. Product Review Post

A product review post contains all the essential information about a product. These kinds of articles are a monster for every blogger. That converts pretty well for most of the bloggers. Here is a resourceful post on how to start a product review website.

3. Instructional Post

Instructional posts are the kind of posts, where you teach your readers about a particular product, and definitely, it’s your affiliate product. People are searching for this kind of articles before and after purchasing the product. By having an instructional post, you can be able to convince people to buy a product via your affiliate links.

4. Add Affiliate Links Into Blog Post

It’s a great strategy to promote affiliate links on your blog, by adding affiliate links into your blog post context.

Many people don’t like to see promotional kinds of stuff, on a blog, they think you’re trying to sell your products in your blog. But adding your links within the text will never be intrusive to your readers.

5. Add Banners Into Blog Post

Adding banners into your blog post is one of the ways to promote affiliate links on your blog. Banners come in different sizes, and they are definitely ads. A good example of a blogpost with banners is my post on Namecheap Review.

6. Use Your Blog Sidebar

The sidebar of your blog is the best place to promote your affiliate links. The blog sidebar is the place that shows the summary of your blog content. If you’re not utilizing the sidebar widgets for promoting your affiliate offers, then you’re missing out. Take a look at my sidebar, and you will notice some affiliate products such as Hostgator Webhosting services.

7. Use Discount Offers

People always want to save their money while purchasing a product. When you show people discount offers on your blog, then definitely they get attracted to what you have to say. Many merchants give their affiliates promotional coupons. If you leverage on these coupons accordingly, you will definitely make more money as an affiliate.

If you already run a blog and have not yet achieved the success that you once dreamed of, don’t worry. Check out my post on reasons for blog failure and adjust your blog accordingly. Hope you enjoyed the article. Leave some notes at the comment section and I will be glad to read and connect.


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