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Namecheap is widely known for its prowess in domain registration and domain management services. Namecheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, where they started by offering domain names at a valuable price. Later on, they have now ventured into web hosting services as well as many other services related to web hosting including the sale of SSL certificates.

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Today, Namecheap boast of having over 7 million domains on its servers.

With Namecheap, you are guaranteed 100% uptime and fast and reliable service. In addition, Namecheap offers many site-building apps, which will assist you in case you need to build a new website. In case you already have an existing website, Namecheap will move it for you for free at no extra cost.

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Namecheap has numerous features that are advantageous to clients. The list below highlights some of these features:

  • Fast loading pages
  • 100% uptime. If this is not achieved, you will receive credits.
  • Namecheap employs the latest server technology
  • cPanel
  • It includes daily backups with some plans including two backups in a day
  • Namecheap offers free site migration from other hosting companies
  • Namecheap grows with your business. It is easy to upgrade your package as your site grows bigger


Namecheap handles security in several ways. By putting several measures in place Namecheap ensures that your website is secure.

To start, Namecheap uses the best hardware and software firewalls. They also use “Leech Protect” which allows you to set the maximum number of logins that can occur in 2 hours. “Leech Protect” secures your site against brute force attacks.

Namecheap also creates backups of your site regularly. These backups ensure that in case something happens to your site, you can easily restore it to the most recent backup state. The backup is also supported by an add-on service that provides additional monitoring, backup, and restoration services.

Additionally, Namecheap provides virus scanners and hotlink protection. Namecheap constantly tests its defensive measures and tweaks where necessary to ensure that all loopholes are sealed and all vulnerabilities are addressed.

Finally, Namecheap takes privacy seriously. They offer WhoisGuard protection for free. This hides your name, address, email, and contact number preventing hackers, spammers, and marketing companies from contacting you. With WhoisGuard protection, all that someone can see is that your domain is already in use.

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Shared hosting

With shared hosting, you have 4 plans to choose from. With the smallest plan, you can have up to 3 websites and unlimited on the biggest plan.

Sub-domains supported by Namecheap range from 50 – to unlimited depending on the plan that you choose.

With all plans in shared hosting, you will get unlimited bandwidth.

Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo

VPS hosting

Just like shared hosting, VPS hosting also comes with a set of four plans to choose from.

First and foremost, VPS hosting carries all the features that shared plans offer plus other exciting features. Clients with VPS hosting get priority support service

Fast and Reliable VPS Hosting with Namecheap

Dedicated servers

Namecheap ensures that it caters to all its client’s needs. The dedicated servers are intended to serve customers whose websites receive very huge traffic. Here, you will have your server which if you wish will be managed by Namecheap on your behalf or you can decide to do it on your own.

Reliable Dedicated Servers with Namecheap

Reseller plans

Reseller plans offer you a way to earn a passive income. It offers you an opportunity to sell plans to your clients. However, bandwidth and disk space will be limited depending on the plan that you deem suitable. Name servers will always remain anonymous to secure your privacy and people will never know that you are reselling services. Also, with reseller plans comes priority customer support which will offer assistance all through. Lastly, in reseller plans, Namecheap offers you unlimited domains and sub-domains.

Reseller Hosting with Namecheap


If you think that you have heard all the good stuff that Namecheap has to offer, wait until you hear about their marketing solution, especially for small businesses.

Namecheap has a service called “Business Promoter.” As an entrepreneur, you simply define the nature of your business to Namecheap and they will employ Google ads for you in the most efficient way.

With this solution, you will be able to focus on the other stuff such as content creation, and save you the hustle of having to learn about Google AdWords.


Search and buy domains from Namecheap

Namecheap is a domain name registrar. It is one of the big names in the domain registration industry and competes with other giants such as GoDaddy.

Namecheap offers more customized services to its clients since it is a smaller company. However, it has gained reputation and trust over the years to claim its place in the industry.

With Namecheap, you get free domain privacy protection. This will protect you from spammers and identity thieves since your information will be protected from the public. While other companies offer this service at a price, Namecheap gives it to you free of charge. Another good reason as to why you should choose Namecheap.

Namecheap also offers DNS hosting. DNS in simple terms is a service that converts or translates a domain name to its unique IP address. Namecheap offers two DNS hosting services:

Premium DNS hosting

Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

FreeDNS hosting

FreeDNS is reliable, secure, and dispersed geographically. It has a management console that is easy to use and all clients using the free DNS service get 24/7 customer support.

The premium DNS hosting is for these clients who wish to have a minimized downtime. This service offers a 100% service level agreement which is a very useful tool for businesses that might experience losses in the event of downtime of DNS resolution.

Additionally, Namecheap offers you a simple way to resell domain names. This can be achieved via their marketplace platform. At times, after purchasing your domain name, you would wish to sell it before its contract has expired. With Namecheap’s marketplace, you can list the domain name and the fixed price that you intend to charge the domain name. When a buyer is interested in your domain name, they will purchase it and Namecheap will charge you a 10% fee for each domain sold through their marketplace.


The Namecheap support team is always on standby, ready to offer assistance in case something goes wrong with one of the services that you have purchased from them. The support team can be contacted in several ways that include:

24/7 Live chat


Comprehensive knowledge base

Frequently asked questions via the Forum


No phone support is provided

The speed at which you receive Live support depends on the plan that you choose Difficulty in setting up SSL certificates


Namecheap offers several awesome and useful features that are quite affordable. It is economical if you are starting on a tight budget. However, you must read through their term and conditions to avoid misinterpretation of their services. Do this because they only have a 14-day money-back guarantee which is a very minimal time to assess their service.

In an overall view, I would personally recommend Namecheap to someone who is on a tight budget plan.

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