Blue Spark WordPress Hosting Service

In the article on Best managed WordPress hosting in 2019, it is mentioned that Bluehost is among the official recommended WordPress hosting provider. This has just gotten better from the launch of Blue Spark, a product of Bluehost. Launched on 14th February 2019, Blue Spark is intended to leverage WordPress to new customers.

What is Blue Spark?

Blue Spark is a game changer in the WordPress hosting industry. It is a free service offered to all new accounts registered under Bluehost. This service is modified to kickstart the initial building phase of a new WordPress website. Blue Spark WordPress hosting service is packed with a team of experts who are well trained and equipped to handle all issues concerning the set up of a WordPress site, installation of plugins, dashboard navigation and any concerns that a customer might have during their initial building phase of a WordPress site.

Why Blue Spark?

As you know or perhaps you need to know, starting a new website can be mind and time consuming for newbies who might find a hard time navigating through their dashboard while setting up their site. Bluehost Spark has come to their rescue and they offer assistance free of charge to all new customers who buy their WordPress hosting package. This is a great offer especially when you are just starting out online and have no idea on how to get things done. This is so because it saves you a lot in terms of resources as you don’t need to pay any consultation fees to get assistance. Bluehost Spark offers you this consultation free of charge.  

This service will offer assistance and guidance to customers through all the complex tools and functionality that they encounter while utilizing WordPress hosting service on Bluehost.

Mode of Accessing Blue Spark

Before accessing Blue spark, you need to create an account on Bluehost.  After creating an account, you now contact their 24/7 support and ask to begin the Blue Spark call. Their representatives have been well trained and equipped with knowledge on WordPress that they will assist you through the WordPress and Bluehost navigation. They will offer assistance on theme installation and the right plugins that will rhyme with the kind of website that you intend to set up.


Customer support is of great importance to any company that intends to succeed in their field of specialization. Bluehost knows this too well and that’s why they have enhanced their customer support to new clients. They know how much new customers waste a lot of time and money trying to consult experts on which is the best theme for their site and what are the best plugins to install. All these and many other activities that go in to setting up a WordPress website have been catered for in the Blue Spark WordPress Hosting service.

Learn more about Blue Spark on their official page here:



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