Namesilo Review

Namesilo Review

If you want to register your domain name and have peace of mind while doing that, I would recommend Namesilo. For starters, Namesilo is specialized only in domain names registry and reselling domains. This domain name company has numerous advantages over its competitors as discussed in the body of this review article.


Namesilo was founded in 2009 and it boasts of offering the lowest prices in the industry. At Namesilo, the price you get on your first registration will still be the price on the renewal of your domain name. Unlike other companies who offer crazy discounts on the first year only to surprise you with sky-rocketing prices on renewal. For instance, when you purchase a domain name with a .com extension you will be charged $6.99. This is exactly the same price that you will be charged every time you renew your domain name.

If you were thinking that is all about Namesilo, wait till you hear about their payment options. At Namesilo, you can pay using Skrill, AllPay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Dwolla, or any credit card of your choice.

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Who Is Privacy Protection

If you are used to paying for your privacy protection, you will be amazed that Namesilo provides free privacy “who is protection” on all your domains. Mind you, this is lifetime protection so you will not need to worry about renewing this at an extra cost in the future. On average, other companies would charge you $8.99 annually for this protection.

Additionally, with Namesilo protecting your domain name, they offer “Lock” status to each domain that you purchase, preventing anyone from moving it to a different registrar.

Another security feature offered by Namesilo is the Domain Defender. This feature enhances the security of your domain by providing a 2-security question check that any user must answer if they want to access and make any changes to the domain name.

TLDs Availability

While most companies offer only 100 TLDs, Namesilo boasts of offering over 500 TLDs, which is a huge advantage to customers since they can buy from a wide array of domain names.


It is a requirement that all registrar companies must pay the 18 cents ICAAN Fees for each domain. As for Namesilo, this fee is catered for and it is included in the advertised fee. It doesn’t form part of the hidden charges of which Namesilo has no hidden charges anyways.

Bulk Pricing

Regardless of the number of domain names purchased, Namesilo offers customers free membership. This allows customers to get discounts whenever they purchase new domains at no fees at all. This is uncommon among domain registrars and put Namesilo at the top of them all in terms of bulk pricing.

Easy Checkout

Unlike other companies, Namesilo does not have cross-selling techniques where they bombard customers with other products during their checkout to increase sales. They only deal with domain names registry and so they will not advertise hosting plans as you check out. This gives you peace of mind as you check out and avoid the stress of confusion about what you wanted to buy in the first place.


I would not say that Namesilo has the best customer support in the industry. This is because they offer most of their support through the “knowledge base” which is tedious and discouraging to most customers. They, however, have online support for customers which is available if your answers are not available on the knowledge base page.

In Conclusion

Namesilo is a domain name company that has lived up to its promise of cheap domain names in the industry. From the review itself, it is evident that they are at the top of their game. If you wish to check them out, follow the link below: NAMESILO PRICING PAGE

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