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Best managed WordPress Hosting 2019

WordPress is a content management system that is powered by PHP and MySQL. It is also important to note that WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). WordPress is usually installed on a web server and has different hosting options available.

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These options are dependent on the size of your website and its scalability. If your website has a big potential growth, you might want to consider picking a package that has resources to match your site’s bandwidth appetite.

The various options that you can choose from include:


            Shared WordPress hosting

            VPS WordPress hosting

            Dedicated WordPress hosting

We already discussed the three different types of web hosting here. However, if you missed that article, the table below will sum it all up for you.

Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting VPS Hosting
30k+ visitors/month 300k+ visitors/month Unlimited no of visitors
1$ per month (economical) 75$/month (can be expensive) Start from 15$/month
Dedicated IP Dedicated IP
Easy to set up Easy to set up Might need a programmer to set up
Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth
Small storage size Larger storage size than Shared hosting You get exactly the size that you need in terms of RAM and Hard drive

Difference between shared and Managed WordPress hosting

The above options now lead us to the second part of our discussion which is differentiating between shared and managed WordPress hosting.

The difference lies in the fact that in a shared hosting, you will have to take care of the technical stuff such as WordPress installation and database management by yourself. On the other hand, a managed WordPress hosting has all the technical stuff done for you by WordPress experts.

In a managed hosting, you will not have to worry about your PHP version in cPanel anymore. A managed WordPress (WP) hosting give you ample time to focus on your web content and marketing.

Another difference lies in the pricing of the two. Managed WP hosting has been optimized for you to have a smooth operation on your site. This definitely consumes more resources than the shared hosting and hence it costs more.

Key factors to consider while choosing a WordPress hosting.

Before we jump into the meaty part of comparing different companies, let us discuss some of the key factors to look out for while picking a managed WordPress hosting plan. If you have read the article on FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHILE CHOOSING A WEB HOSTING PLAN, you will realize that the same factors apply while picking a managed WordPress hosting plan:


Speed and storage



Customer support



To learn more about these factors, follow the link provided below which takes you to a detailed article where we have discussed in detail, the factors to consider while choosing a web hosting plan.

Advantages of managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting tags itself with numerous advantages. Among these advantages include:


Speed is a very crucial point in the success of your online venture. Slow websites tend to lose organic traffic since this will impact negatively on your audience. As a result, you will be ranked poorly by Google and might not appear in searches at all.

Speed distinguishes Managed WordPress hosts from other common hosts. Managed WordPress websites are optimized for WordPress website, making them incredibly fast.


WP managed hosting are bundled with experts. These experts are knowledgeable and help in solving all problems that might arise from your WordPress website. Besides solving issues, these experts can as well offer tips on how you can improve your website.


Managed WP hosting comes with powerful facilities that ensure your website is secure and free from threats. Unlike shared hosting, your site will be monitored in the background by experts and issues such as hacks, attacks and neighbored poor websites are mitigated.

Regular backup

In managed WP hosting, your content is regularly backed up and can be restored on an event that might corrupt your current website state. This is a very strong feature as it ensures that your hard work is safe and secure from being lost.

Automatic Updates

With a managed WP hosting, you will not have to regularly follow up with the versions of WordPress releases as this will always be done on the backend even without you putting in any effort. This is advantageous as it lets you focus on your business as the technical stuff is taken care of by experts.

Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

The biggest disadvantage of a managed WordPress hosting is the price. This hosting tends to be a bit more expensive than the common shared hosting option. The average least price starts from $5/month but it can sometimes come with a discount.

N/B: Managed WordPress hosting can be in a shared environment but its resources have been optimized for high performance.

The Best managed WordPress Hosting 2019

Bearing all the three factors in mind, there are three hosting companies that beat the rest in managed WordPress hosting. These companies include:




As we shall see in the review of each of these companies, they have met almost all the factors that need to be considered while picking a hosting company. Here is the list starting with the most preferred:


Blue host has an up time of 99.99% and a load time of average 419ms. Their support is 24/7 and they will always ensure quick in-time customer response. Spicing the cake, it should be known that Bluehost are among the official recommended WordPress hosting provider.

Even when your website experience huge traffic, Bluehost will ensure that it is still fast and efficient. Their starting price is at $2.75/month.

bluehost image

Visit Bluehost using this link


9 million plus is the number of domains that HostGator boasts of hosting. This makes it one of the giants in the industry battling with the likes of GoDaddy. HostGator ensures 99.9% uptime to its clients and they also offer 24/7 support. Their load time is 421ms.

HostGator is good for a scalable business. Their starting price is at $2.99/month.


Visit HostGator using this link


Siteground recorded a 99.99% uptime with a page load time of 710ms. They have a 24/7 customer support and they are highly rated in the WordPress community. Like Bluehost, they are a recommended WordPress hosting provider.

Siteground has a starting price of $3.95/month.



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