How long does it take to build a WordPress website

wp duration

The time taken to build a stunning WordPress website depends on several factors. While an expert would build a website in about only 5 hours, it might take a novice even close to four weeks to come up with the same website.

In addition to the skill level, the approach that you choose to follow in building a WordPress website also matters. In this case, there are two approaches:

  1. Building from Scratch (writing code for your themes and plugins)

If you decide to write your owns codes for the themes and plugins, then it will definitely take you a longer period. You will have to design the layout, ensure that your site is responsive, do some testing and implement the project when you are satisfied. In short, you will have to undergo the entire development process which might be a bit tedious and time consuming. However, using this approach you will not spend a lot of money if need be.

2. Using ready-made templates

This second approach takes a shorter period since you are going to skip the design and coding phases of web development. The time will even be slashed further if you already have the design and full idea of your website in place. Using this approach, you will only be required to pick and install themes and plugins that will shape your ideas into reality.

Given the two approaches, there are several other factors that you need to consider as you build your WordPress website.

You should consider things such as picking the best domain name and having the best WordPress web hosting services.

Having a precise estimate on how long it would take to build a WordPress website is a hard thing to do. However, the steps that you need to take might shade some light on how long each process will last:

Step #1: Make your Plan

While making the plan, ask yourself questions like who the Website is being created for and what is the project’s primary goal. Also while planning, make sure that you know who your competitors are and what they are doing.

Step #2: Choose a domain name and a Host

After you have a solid plan, pick a domain name and a web hosting plan. I highly recommend going for WordPress managed hosting. This will give you a piece of mind as you focus on content creation for your audience. Read the review on WordPress Managed Hosting here.

Step #3: Install a theme and necessary plugins

Pick a WordPress theme that you are comfortable with and install it on your site. This process is easy and fast. It would not last more than an hour to complete.

Step #4: Create pages and posts

Create pages for your site. Starting with some basic pages such as about, home and blog pages. After that, create your first post.

Step #5: Test you website, make tweaks then Launch

Test your site to see if it is functioning exactly as you wanted and make any necessary changes. This step can be completed within a day.

Finally, the purpose of the website determines the complexity of the website hence affecting the time spent to build it. e.g. it would take less time to build a simple blog compared to building an eCommerce website which is complex in nature.

From the above explanations, we can conclude that the time spent to build a WordPress website varies depending on the experience of the designer, the approach of building the website and the purpose or complexity of the website.

Building WordPress websites is instantaneous as it is supported by simple and easy to use interface. However, this should not fool you that it should be done overnight just because it is doable. You should take your time to design and plan since you are in it for business. Even if it takes you a month, make sure that you have come up with the best plan that you can think of. If you are interested in learning how to start a blog, here is a link to an article that will help you get started.


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